Volunteer With Louisville Pride Foundation

The Louisville Pride Foundation promotes Louisville as one community that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion for all, and embraces gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and their allies. The foundation seeks to promote this unity between LGBTQ and straight allies by engaging in a conversation with the broader community about what makes us one while celebrating what makes us different.

We cannot accomplish our mission without the help of a large and diverse group of volunteers. We believe that including volunteers in a meaningful way in the work that we do strengthens our organization and our community and provides benefit to the volunteer as well. In addition to the work of LPF, we also organize volunteer opportunities to help other organizations in our community. We welcome your suggestions for new opportunities to serve.

We have needs that last for one day or the entire year, and we have needs that range from doing a simple task to leading a challenging project. We believe that service and community engagement benefit everyone involved, and we are committed to accommodating and including volunteers of various abilities and backgrounds.

Volunteer Roles

  • Assists with clerical and administrative duties. Tasks vary in complexity from simple data entry to managing a database.
  • Examples of work include: Receiving data (such as sign up lists) in written or electronic form and entering it into an existing spreadsheet or database; creating and managing databases and lists (email, volunteers, members, donors, vendors); responding to general correspondence, updating lists and resource guides, assisting with budget development, taking notes at committee meetings, preparing agendas, sending out regular emails to board and members.
  • Requirements: Experience with spreadsheets, databases, and common software system used by nonprofits.
  • Work can be done from home or at the LPF office.
  • Administrative Helper
  • Supervises LPF efforts of having staffed booths or tables at events.
  • Examples of work include: Maintaining LPF’s stash of ready-to-go supplies for staffing a booth or table at an event (booth-in-a-box); identifying events for LPF to table at; working with events to arrange LPF access to a table or booth; scheduling booth staffers for events.
  • Requirements for this position: Attention to detail.
  • Desirable, but not required: Ability to lift and carry 25 pounds in a team setting.
  • Attends public events as a representative of LPF. Volunteers typically work in teams. Events include LGBTQ events and general events, but volunteers will never be asked to attend an event they are not comfortable attending. Some events are during the day, but most will be evenings or weekends.
  • Examples of work include: Distributing fliers; informing public about LPF programs and events; recruiting members and volunteers; selling tickets to upcoming events.
  • Requirement: At least one team member must be able to lift and carry 25 pounds and/or provide a source of transportation
  • Serves on an LPF committee. Great opportunity to shape LPFs work, build new skills, and make new friends!
  • Examples of work include: Attending regular meetings; participating in discussion and decision making around events and programs related to that committee; participating in direct volunteer work associated with committee projects (ie, staffing events that committee organizes).
  • Requirements: ability to regularly attend meetings. Meeting schedules can be adjusted to accommodate interested members.
  • Committees include: Pride Festival Planning; Community Engagement & Volunteers; Development & Membership; Communications & Marketing.
  • Assists Communications Committee as needed.
  • Examples of work will include writing or editing press releases; assisting with social media marketing; designing posters; assisting with web development.
  • Requirements: experience with communications, marketing, or design.
  • Assists in the creation and maintenance of a Community Calendar for Louisville Pride Foundation. Responsibility can be shared with more than one volunteer.
  • Examples of work include: Finding events of interest to the LGBTQ community and adding them to the calendar; maintaining calendar for internal and public use; monitoring a Louisville Pride email address associated with calendar listings; preparing a monthly summary of upcoming events that may interest LPF members and supporters.
  • Requirements: Must have access to an internet capable computer and intermediate computer skills.
  • Desirables: Experience with social media. Familiarity with Louisville community and events.
  • Work can be performed at home or LPF office. The calendar should be updated a minimum of once a month.
  • Provides space for meetings or events in their home or business.
  • No events will be scheduled without the expressed permission of the host.
  • Examples of work include: providing a clean, safe meeting space upon request, providing refreshments is optional.
  • Assists in the running of LPF organized events.
  • Examples of work include: Signing in guests, decorating, setting up and/or tearing down tables and chairs for an event.
  • Requirement: Must be able to lift and carry 25 pounds in a team setting. Must be out going. Ability to multi-task is a plus.
  • Assists staff and/or committees miscellaneous tasks on an as-needed basis.
  • Examples of work include: organizing our storage unit before and after the festival, building or assembling donation boxes and festival tool-kits, or picking up items as directed.
  • Needs for this position are year-round but are typically greatest before and after big events. Most tasks require a short-term commitment
  • Requirements: Ability to lift and carry 25 pounds in a team setting.
  • Desirable, but not required:
  • Ability to provide their own transportation, and/or ability to carry passengers or cargo
  • Ability to pay for small items out of pocket and be reimbursed up to two weeks later (all purchases must be pre-approved).
  • Serves as a point of contact between LPF and another organization of which they are already a member. This could be a non-profit, neighborhood association, employee group, business, union, etc.
  • Examples of work include: sharing LPF information at meetings; keeping LPF informed about upcoming group events; notifying LPF about programs LPF can and should support.
  • Provides LPF with a special skill or asset.
  • Are you an electrician, clown, massage therapist, carpenter, face painter, bartender, baker, butcher, or candlestick maker? Do you have a large truck, a workshop full of tools, x-ray vision, or some kind of specialized equipment that may come in handy? Let us know! We may never have a need for a rock-climbing podiatrist, but it’s nice to know where we can find one when we do!
  • Examples of Work: You tell us!
  • Requirements: You tell us!
  • Gathers information and presents it in a finished form, or assists in some part of the process.
  • Examples of work include: Compiling lists and resource guides; conducting original research; providing analysis of research done by others; preparing white papers, op-eds, articles, and other finished products.
  • Examples of topics include: compiling a list of LGBTQ-owned businesses; reviewing LGBTQ friendly children’s books; putting together a one-page list of resources for parents of trans children; creating an LGBTQ glossary; interviewing important figures in Louisville’s queer history; conducting statistical research on Louisville’s LGBTQ population, surveying service providers across the country on program effectiveness; or topics suggested by the volunteer.
  • Requirements: Strong communications skills, access to an internet capable computer.
  • Volunteers work alone or as part of a team and can perform the work at any location.
  • Translates LPF materials into other languages or serves as an in-person translator upon request
  • Examples of work: Receives a document prepared by LPF (ie, a resource guide) and translates it into another language; translates for LPF members or the public at a meeting or event; provides translation services for ally organizations.
  • Requirements: Fluency in a language other than English, experience with translation.
  • Supervises and coordinates other volunteers in one of the activities above.
  • Examples of work include: scheduling volunteers for an assignment; preparing materials for a volunteer assignment, representing LPF on site during an event or assignment; troubleshooting issues that arise in a volunteer project.
  • Requirements: at least one year of experience volunteering with LPF or similar work or volunteer experience. Must be responsible and able to make decisions in the spirit of LPF mission and strategy.

Our Promise to Our Volunteers

When you volunteer with us, we are committed to…

  • Evaluating your application in a timely manner.

  • Finding the right role for you, and making accommodations if necessary.

  • Training you well for your role.

  • Providing you with the right supplies and tools.

  • Support in which will guarantee success.

  • Seeking and listening to your feedback.

  • Recognition of your contributions to The Louisville Pride Foundation and our community.

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The Process

If you are interested in one or more of the roles above, email mike@louisvillepride.com.

The volunteer application and placement process is focused on your needs as well ours. What are you passionate about? Do you want to learn new skills, or put existing skills to use? Would you like to meet and work with new people, or have a role that you can do at home without talking to anyone? If there are any barriers preventing you from volunteering, we will do our best to overcome them or adjust the position so that you can be successful in it.

We value your input, and we want volunteering with us to be rewarding. After your assignment (or on a regular basis for ongoing assignments), your opinion will be sought to make sure your assignment was a success and that the next one will be too. We want to know if your time was well spent, if you had the right training and equipment, if we sent too many or too few people, and if you have any other ideas for us.

LPF reserves the right to require a background check, references, or résumé for any volunteer or volunteer role. LPF reserves the right to reject any volunteer application or to terminate any volunteer placement at any time.