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The Department of Housing and Urban Development is now looking at complaints and inquiries from the last year to see if they warrant further investigation.  Anyone that experienced discrimination in housing in 2020 can still take action to have their cases heard.

Complaints can be filed here: or by calling 1-800-669-9777 or 1-800-877-8339.

Examples of what constitutes discrimination are:

  • Shelters refusing access because of gender identity or forcing someone to stay in a sex-segregated shelter that doesn’t align with their identity.
  • Rentals declining a rental application for any reason other than the prospective renter not meeting stated qualifications or lying about availability.
  • Harassment- asking for sexual favors in exchange for rent or a landlord creating a hostile environment through harassing comments on a tenant’s appearance.
  • Ads for housing that say things like “no same-sex couples” or marketing that is targeted to exclude certain communities.
  • The directive also protects people who experience discrimination on multiple bases, such as race, familial status, and sexual orientation.

Louisville residents can also contact the Human Relations Commission for help with discrimination complaints.