Do you need help managing your money or accessing public programs because of COVID-19?

Louisville Metro Government, in partnership with The Louisville Housing and Opportunities Micro-Enterprise Community Development Loan Fund (LHOME) has launched a no-cost Financial Navigator Program. You can receive assistance and guidance over the phone to help you manage the financial impact of COVID-19.

Trained Financial Navigators are available to help you manage financial issues, identify actions steps, and make referrals to other programs and services. To sign up for Financial Navigator assistance, go to or email

What Does a Financial Navigator Do?

During your free 30-minute session, Navigators can help you address concerns including:

  • Prioritizing daily expenses like housing, utilities, and food
  • Maximizing income through accessing benefits, emergency cash assistance, and emergency loans
  • Managing debt including credit cards, student loans, and child support
  • Avoiding predatory scams
  • Budgeting for future loss of income

The Navigator will help you prioritize concerns and expenses and identify next steps. Please note—Financial Navigators do not provide financial assistance.